Not all classrooms have walls!

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West Beach Adventure - School Groups


At West Beach Adventure, we believe that not all classrooms have walls. If your students need a day of fun away from their desks, or need some organic team building, this is the place for you! You have the option of the MegaClimb for some unique challenges up in the air – around 2 hours of flying foxes, monkey bars and balancing across logs and bridges with their classmates before finishing up with the MegaJump from 18m to get safely back to the ground.

If this won’t be enough for the thrillseekers, you can also add our Giant Swing. In groups of 2 or 3, students are lifted to 18m high before pulling the ripcord, launching themselves into a swing they won’t soon forget!

“The experience was exceptional. The staff were very helpful. It challenged the students physically and mentally. It tested their abilities and level of risk taking. The students formed small groups that worked together to share the experience.”

– Neil Wuttke, Year 7 teacher, Henley Beach Primary

Our schools fun program

School Climb

Our schools fun program is about getting your class together and having a go – with some fast paced, high-energy activities. It focuses on areas such as:

    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Communication
    • Self-confidence
    • Persistence and refining thought processes

It’s about helping each other through a series of different physical and mental challenges – and having a good laugh at the same time! Whatever outcome you are aiming for, rest assured your experience with us will be fun, friendly, and safe.

School Climb + Swing

In addition to the Fun Program, using our unique SkyMate structure, participation in Mega Adventure activities naturally lends itself to the Australian Curriculum: HPE focus areas (although not exclusively) of:

    • Safety (S)
    • Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)
    • Challenge and Adventurous Activities (CA)
    • Lifelong Physical Activities (LLPA)

With varying degrees of difficulty over fluctuating heights, this program can be adapted depending on the learning opportunities desired for the students. Transferable skills are taught through team building games and exercises, and also through physical activity and exposure to unique emotional and social scenarios.

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