What You Need To Know

  • The SkyMate design conforms with AS3533.1-2009 and is registered as an amusement device with the State Government.
  • We use state of the art Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from leading manufacturers.
  • All of our equipment meets or exceeds European and Australian standards.
  • Each guest goes through compulsory training on the use of our smart belay system which ensures that they remain attached to the cables on the structure at all times. If you fall into your harness, you can simply climb back up!
  • For safety reasons, no loose items, including cameras, phones, and jewelry will not be permitted on the MegaClimb. We offer solutions allowing you to take photos and videos on the MegaClimb.
  • We climb, rain or shine! We actively monitor local weather and will advise you in advance if the weather may affect your booking.

Ready for your adventure?