Frequently Asked Questions

Yes please! It’s very difficult to staff the park without knowing how many people will come in a day. If you aren’t sure, book the MegaClimb for anyone over 140cm, and the Koala for anyone 120cm to 140cm. Extra activities like the Swing and Jump can be added on the day.

We have different pricing for different activities – please click here to view the tickets, and make sure you’re choosing the right ticket for the right heights.
Anyone 120cm – 140cm must have a participating adult with them on the MegaClimb (1 adult to 4 kids of this height is generally okay)

For your safety, there are weight and height restrictions put in place.
Weight: Maximum 128kg. You may be weighed before harnessing to ensure your safety.
Height restrictions can be found here.

Please keep in mind that even though your child may be tall enough to participate, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We do our best to ensure everyone has a fun and safe adventure, but we recommend bringing kids to have a look first to see if they want to tackle it!

Yes. We are an outdoor venue and we’re open year round. If we deem the weather unsafe, we will call you. If you choose to reschedule, you must give us 24 hours notice.
Please check the weather forecast for West Beach before making your decision.

Safety is our absolute priority. West Beach Adventure maintains the very highest of safety standards. All guests wear the correct harness and safety gear and are given a full briefing before they access the SkyMate. Find out more.

All of our crew are fully trained and have the appropriate qualifications to support climbers as they explore. However, safety is everyone’s responsibility, and we require our guests to actively participate in their own safety and that of other guests.

Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility. 

Nope! We don’t have an age limit for any of our activities, however there are height and weight restrictions that are in place for your comfort and safety. This information can be found here

We have a small cafe at the park with barista-made coffee & Tea, cold drinks and snacks.
You’re welcome to bring anything with you with the exception of alcohol as we are a licensed venue.

Nope! The park is free to enter, we have lots of space for you to watch.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your booking, you just need to let us know 24 hours ahead of your booking time.
You can exit the tower at any time, but any changes of mind after entering the tower are not eligible for a refund.

High rope courses, zip lines, leaping off buildings, climbing walls…these are all a great ways of getting over the fear of heights. The old adage of ‘face your fears’ is very true, and once conquering the SkyMate, many people leave fears behind.

All our activities are challenge by choice and we promise, we will never try to make you do anything you don’t want to. But…the sense of achievement you get from beating the SkyMate leaves most hesitant adventurers beaming from ear-to-ear!